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Requirement to elect a new Chairperson.

Requirement to elect a new Chairperson.

Harriet Whitfield13 Jan - 17:31
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Requirement to elect a new Chairperson.

Dear Members,

Following your feedback to committee in September 23 that raised concerns around the club's preparedness for the 23/24 season, 3 of our club VPs conducted an internal review of roles and processes took place in the 3 months leading up to the Christmas break.

Among the actions and requirements to come out of this review was for the club committee to reinvigorate it's processes and to be clearer in it's communications and transparent in it's decisions.
In doing this a number of roles that have been vacant since September will be available to be filled with immediate effect, we are looking for a new candidate to assume the position of Chair, and we will be conducting a rigorous constitution update in time for the AGM in April.

We'd like to take time to reflect on the significant number of successes Ryan Carey has delivered for the club as Chairman whilst he has held the role for the last 18 months. Without members like Ryan who give up both time and effort our club could not exist, the professional know how he brought to the role from his corporate BAE background have been invaluable in delivering tangible successes across the site infrastructure.
We thank Ryan for his contribution to USPHC as we add him to the list of esteemed past Chairs.

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