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Match reports 30th September

Match reports 30th September

Harriet Whitfield2 Oct 2023 - 19:52
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The ladies get underway

Ladies 1s vs Winchester 3s
On a bright Saturday morning 9 heroic US ladies walked onto the pitch to face a
13 or maybe 14 strong Chichester ladies team at fortress Tem.

At the start we were just a bunch of players having never really played together at all, with some old returning faces and some completely new to the sport. By the end of the match we were exhausted but we were a team.

The first half of the match was gruelling and Chichester managed to score 5 goals, but in the second half we showed them that we were a mighty team of 9 by only allowing 2 more goals in. We were defeated but not in spirit because we had fun playing the sport we all loved.

Every player on the pitch was amazing and did US proud and myself (Gill) and Robynne cannot wait to see the team grow over the season and to be part of such a wonderful group of women.

Our aim of this season is to be the best we can be and to have fun, so if anyone knows anyone who would like to join us this season please let either Co-captains know!

USPHC Mens 2 Vs Hamble

After watching an inspirational ladies match, US took to the field with Andy L and Chris P welcomed back from last season and a debut for our new recruit Ronan.

Attack was the order of the day from Hopkins, who wanted to have a week off after last weeks heroics and so, off we set.

Lots of early attacking play, with the midfield pace of Miles, Joel, Reece and Ronan tearing through the hamble midfield and defence. This early pressure didn’t come to a happy end with a lack of clinical passing in to the D letting us down.

But, a free hit to US, an Ariel over the top of the hamble back line, and John Anderson with the volley and bang. 1-0 US. After hamble complained a lot the umpires decided the goal was too good and disallowed it. Back to 0-0.

But, not long later, again John scored, using the full length of his arm and the last millimetre of his stick got a touch on to the crash ball taking US to a real 1-0.

Half time talk reduced to, keep going, work hard, speedy kids please pass a little earlier so we can keep up that would be lovely. Off US set.

Every team gets a purple patch and this was Hambles. A reminder from Hopkins “I was MoM last week”, the rest of the team “your only as good as the last PC you let through your legs” and we were back to 1-1.

A great ball from Captain and Author Ben Organ to the mighty John Anderson saw an early contender for goal of the season. Lobbing the ball over the onrushing keeper and smashing it on a reverse volley in to the open goal. 2-1 US.

As ever in these physical games, elbows are occasionally an occupational hazard. With three large people and Reece going for the ball the only winner was Andy Lowe who came away with his first K.O of the season…

MoM - Chris Glover, think the Hamble forward is probably still in your pocket.

Men’s 1s vs Trojans

In a highly anticipated clash, US faced off against a tough Trojans squad. Angus Walker, Jamie Martin, and Jamie Martin were the goal scorers for US, delivering some spectacular strikes throughout the game. The match featured intense moments, with both teams battling fiercely. Additionally, there were green cards issued to Tom Singleton, Callum Stoyles, and Tim Mallett, indicating the competitive nature of the game.

As the game progressed, it became clear that neither team was willing to give an inch. In a dramatic turn of events, the Trojans found themselves two goals down at half time. However, they rallied and managed to find two goals in the second half to draw equal, intensifying the already thrilling atmosphere on the field.

The tension reached its peak in the final moments, with both sides desperately searching for a winning goal. Despite the nail-biting finish, the game ultimately ended in a 3-3 draw, leaving fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

MOM - Max Sellars - Integral part of the team, and caused havoc down the right wing.

Player comments
Tim Mallet - Damn what a fine bunch of lads. Jamie Martin: Didn't want to show the other strikers up with a hat trick. Angus Walker: Did you know I'm still playing Uni mens 1s.

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