USPHC Membership Fees are structured to be inclusive, and are as follows:

Full Membership (open to all, both civilian & Armed Forces related)

Pay Monthly Full Membership £30.00 per month
Membership fees plus all match fees for all games during the year and End of Season Dinner ticket

Pay Monthly League Games & EoS Dinner Only £20.00 per month
Membership fees plus all leagues games and End of Season Dinner ticket.

Pay and Play. £60.00 initial sign up fee then £10.00 per game.
For members that want to play occasionally. £10.00 per game after paying the £60 membership fee.

Associate Membership £5.00
1 match limit, 50% surcharge on match fees

If wish to join USPHC, first ensure you are registered on the Pitchero website with an account. Once registered, please click the 'Payment' tab on the menu bar and select the correct membership option for you.

We are especially keen to welcome any Armed Forces related hockey players such as serving military, Reservists, Veterans, Ministry of Defence, Civil Service, Emergency Services & Government contractor employees. It helps us remain closely affiliated to the home of Royal Navy hockey at HMS Temeraire.